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If People Are on Vacation, They Should Leave Mobile Phones at Home

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The issue of whether people should leave their mobile phones at home or not is a controversial one. On the one hand, many people say that leaving cell phone may cause serious communication problems. On the other hand, many say that a vacation will be destroyed by frequent interruptions caused by mobile phones. However, after long consideration I am better convinced of the first opinions for the following reasons.
First, people may encounter unpredictable events, and with mobile phones, people can handle unexpected situation smoothly. For example, my classmates and I went to Phong Nha Ke Bang National park last spring as our graduation trip held by school. Unfortunately, we got lost in the forest. What’s worse, most of us leave our cell phones in car because we thought that we did not have to talk to anyone there. Out of a sudden, one of our group took out his phone and located our site. As a result, we found our way out. Through this example, I realize that how the importance of mobile phones and learn a lesson which is carrying cell phones is safer.
Secondly, people always want to grab and share their memories promptly, and people can take pictures and upload them with smart phones. My sister, for example, she likes to travel and is eager to share every place where she visits. Furthermore, she does not want to spend so much money on buying a digital camera or a laptop. Therefore, she can take photos of amazing sceneries and share those photos immediately. The fact is that taking photos cannot only remind people the moments during a vacation in the future, but also provide people with the possibility to create their own artwork. Therefore, having mobile phones with them is an ideal solution.
On the other hand, people care about their career, even during vacations, and others can connect to whom is off duty when there are emergencies. For instance, my uncle is a surgeon. Because of the special occupation, he always received a phone call, regarding a patient...


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