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Victorian and Pakistani Age

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Similarities between Victorian Age and current Pakistani age
There are many similarities between Victorian age and current Pakistani age. We will try to discuss all the similarities of the ages.
The Victorian Age marked a period of great transition in many aspects of human life. Same is the case of Pakistani age as discussed below :
1) Industrial revolution :
The onset of industrial revolution changed the way people made and sold goods, which in turn changed the way people lived. Insustry and agriculture flourished, creating economic prosperity. Laws were passed to improve the working conditions of the laborers in the mills and factories. Many small industries were being constructed and a number of poor people were working as chimney's sweeper.
Today in Pakistan more small industries are being constructed and new policies about working of laborers are in progress. The existing mills and factories have a lot of labours who are working on very low wages, though they are educated or not. But today in Pakistan we assume that many of the new and old factories and mills are making the laws to improve the working conditions of the laborers. Economical conditions of the country is almost dependant on the agriculture. Many of the families work in the fields and take part in the prosperity of the country. This is alomost the transition period of Pakistan as like of Victorian age.
2) Religious Beliefs:
Religious beliefs were being challenged by many different view points in the Victorian age as today in Pakistan we can see that every person and every group has his   own parameters of understanding the religion.
The ideas of historians were also considered where they viewed the BIBLE as a record of historical events rather than a spirtual handbook. Lastly the geologic and astronomic discoveries made by scientists introduced a new non spirtual belief. In Pakistan we have experienced many of the people who want to prove themselve in the sake of religion. Most of the...


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