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Animal Testing-Wrong or Not

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Animal Testing Research

British law says that any new drug used for medicine must be tested on at least two different types of live mammal. One of these must be a large non-rodent type animal.
This is to make sure the drug works and doesn't hurt you.
Animal testing has also sometimes been used for developing:
  * Household products
  * Agricultural chemicals
  * Industrial chemicals
  * Pesticides
  * Paint
  * Food additives
In some countries animals are also used to test beauty products. But this is not allowed in Britain any more.

Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to roam free and use their minds. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them.
Although there are various references to animal testing prior to the nineteenth century, these are not well documented. The first major reference to animal testing occurred in the late nineteenth century when Louis Pasteur administered anthrax to sheep and showed the importance of vaccines with his germ theory.
Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory in the mid-1850s also served to suggest that animals could serve as effective models to facilitate biological understanding in humans. Other cases of animal testing include psychological experiments such as the one by Ivan Pavlov in the late nineteenth century. He conducted experiments on dogs to demonstrate how dogs could be conditioned with regards to memory and repetitive tasks.

Animal Testing Breakthroughs
An enormous breakthrough came in 1922 when animal testing allowed for insulin to be isolated from dogs. Prior to this isolation, individuals with diabetes essentially 'wasted' away from the metabolic effects of uncontrolled high blood sugar. In the 1930s, modern anaesthetics and...


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