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Iternet-Two-Edged Sword

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Everything is being transformed under the magic influence of the modern technology in the terms of study, work and communication, particularly students can benefit a lot from the internet. Although the computer is often blamed for the stress and alienation, I claim that it enriches our lives. Thus, there is a series of privileges of surfing the internet.
To begin with, it helps to broaden our horizon. With regard to the students specialized in foreign language, the knowledge of the world around them, especially foreign countries are the internet, which provides the vivid images of movies, documentaries, and wonderful program, such as National Geographic, Ideas worth spreading and open courses. Therefore, students have the better understanding of exotic culture and
traditions, Bullfighting in Spain, tea ceremony in Japan and water-splashing festival in Thailand. So, their knowledge increases. There are also other benefits, for example, we can make friends with different countries, sending E-mails to our foreign friends in a few minutes, hence the expansion of our friends' circle.
In the meantime, it is also a method for our students to reduce the pressure. When one has setbacks or challenges during the study and life, the ocean of amusement on the computer brings us various of enjoyment, like music or some interesting websites, which not only provides a comfort zone to us, but also contributes to the relaxtion of mood.
As much as what has been mentioned above. It goes without denying that internet would definitely bring damages to our students. Needless to say, it has negative impacts on young person, since there are much violent and obscene information on line, so that students will probably lose their creative thinking and begin to think like machines. Furthermore, the increasing numbers of financial crimes such as money laundering appear via the internet.
All in all, the side-effect of the internet is inevitable, but the positive aspect is self-evident,...


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