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Novel "Feed"

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Essay topic: “The composers of science fiction texts such as feed have successfully used a range of techniques in order to explore themes relevant to our society today.”

The text and society is an exploration of how the individual are shaped by their surrounding environment. Through this it will look at the identity and the place of the world. In order to accomplish this, I am going to look at the different techniques in order to explore the themes in the science fiction novel ‘Feed’ by M.T. Anderson, ‘Go on, Google me’ by A. Funder, and the trailer ‘Her’.  

Feed by M.T. Anderson is a science fiction, first-person perspective on a futuristic American culture completely dominated by advertising, and corporate exploitation, corresponding to the enormous population of internetworking brain implants.
The novel portrays a near future computer network which 73% of American citizens have the implanted device called ‘feed’. The ‘feed’ allows people to experience the virtual-reality phenomena, to interact the corporations in a personal preference-based way. The privacy are constantly obstructed be messaged advertising from corporations that participate in data mining. The setting of the novel is depicted as an ecological devastated. The setting is all fake and not natural, for example human made clouds.

The theme of ‘man and the natural world’ is one of the big themes that appears though out the novel. This theme looks at how people that are affected by the feed and how the react to the real word. An example of this is when Titus’ mum explains the special moment that they picked Titus’ out of a catalogue. When humans can’t sexually reproduce like they used to. “So we went into conceptionarium, and told the geneticists what we wanted, and your father went in one room, and I went in the other and…” Because of technology, it makes an individual not to experience life as it’s meant to be experienced, in this case Titus’ mother not begging pregnant. The readers would...


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