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I am such a child.
Have you ever had that glorious rush once you have won a challenge or bet?
Yeah I bet you have.
And if you haven't, well you are missing out. But I'm am positive that you will get it in the future.
That rush, it can become evil.
Like you become very, what's the word, boastful.
As if you want to tell everyone in the parking lot about your success.
But why does the human mind, human body... soul make all these stand-off-ish decisions?
I am so confused on the topic of bragging.
Maybe it's the fact that you want others to enjoy your enjoyment as well.
Or your just that type of person? Who knows?!?!
Does anyone have any line of reasoning behind this outrageous theme?
Due to my experience I have come to terms that it might seem as though the bragger is just gloating. However their intentions are probably not at all intentional. If anything they just want to celebrate with you.
They don't want to leave you out in the cold of what that person is celebrating about.
Therefore if you ever see someone just bragging until their tongue falls off and you know they are the type to be unfortunate or unlucky in getting rewards, lift up their spirits and don't rain on their parade.
However if the bragger is just becoming annoying, accost that person and let them know what's what and that they are being a nuisance. But not at all approach them in an ill-mannered, impertinent way.
Be kind.
One more thing... when approaching that person, make sure that that person is well known to you... like a friend.
Otherwise, just leave it alone. That person will get over it, eventually.
Tty next time...


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