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Ect 246 Complete Ilabs Week 1 to 7

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ECT 246 Complete ilabs Week 1 To 7
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ECT 246 Complete ilabs Week 1 To 7

ECT 246 Week 1 iLab Power Supplies
TCO #1:
Given an application requiring an AC to DC regulated power supply discuss the block diagram of the supply, and how its internal subsystems are related, using the appropriate data sheets, determine the device’s operating parameters, calculate, simulate and measure the power supply’s electrical parameters.

ECT 246 Week 2 iLab Transistor Circuits
Part A-Transistor Circuits
TCO #2:
Given an application requiring a single-stage common emitter BJT amplifier and a common source JFET amplifier with voltage-divider biasing use the device’s data sheet to establish the operating conditions calculate, simulate, and measure the input and output parameters.

ECT 246 Week 3 iLab Op-Amps
Part A-Op Amps
TCO #3:
Given an operational amplifier (op-amp) circuit schematic, calculate, simulate and measure the input and output voltages, impedance, and signal gain for a inverting, non-inverting, and voltage follower op-amp configurations.
A.Define the basic concepts of an op-amp including its symbol, input modes such as differential inputs, common mode rejection ratio, input and output impedance, slew rate and negative feedback.
B.Examine a common op-amp’s data sheet such as a LM741C to determine the device’s, electrical characteristics, and standard applications.

ECT 246 Week 4 iLab Audio Amplifiers
TCO #4:
Given an audio amplifier application that uses an integrated amplifier, examine the overall amplifier’s performance and verify the operation by using suitable input and output circuits.

ECT 246 Week 5 iLab Op-Amps
In week five, you will create several circuits using the operation amplifiers you studied earlier. An op-amp can be configured to perform special applications found in everyday electronic equipment. These include...


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