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Underground Coal Gasification Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2014 - 2020 by Future Market Insights

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Underground Coal
Gasification Market
Share, Asia-Pacific Trends,
Analysis, Research, Report,
Segmentation and Forecast,
2014 - 2020

Future Market Insights



Report Description
Global energy demand had seen an exponential growth over the decade due to changing
lifestyle. At the time when natural gas prices witnessing fluctuation and coal resources are
depleting, the world is witnessing a significant gap between demand and supply of energy.
Though as per World Coal Association, global coal reserves are estimated to be 861 tonne and
accounts to 42% of total world electricity production; the year on year growth for coal
consumption was highest in FY 2013, making it the highest since 1970. The demand for coal
consumption is increasing every year thereby leading to depletion of coal reserves at an
alarming rate. Moreover, most regions are economically unviable to extract coal from its bed. It
is due to this reason that companies are looking for alternative solution that can lead to
harnessing the total potential of coal, without disturbing the ecological balance.
Underground coal gasification (UCG) is an industrial process by which coal is gasified under
intense heat and atmospheric pressure. This enables the production of synthetic gas,
constituents of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which are extracted through a well and utilized
in various sectors, ranging from power generation to biodiesel and fertilizer production. Though
this concept is not new to the market, little progress has been achieved in this sector, primarily
due to low R&D. However, with growing energy consumption and fluctuating oil prices,
industries are focusing on UCG to offer clean, efficient and cost-effective energy to various

Report Description
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