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Soft Magnetic Composites Market Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand 2015-2025 by Fmi

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Global Soft Magnetic

Composites Market
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Report Description
With the accelerating electricity consumption and increasing threat from the green-house
effect and consequential environmental degradation, all the industries are stepping forward
into the reduction of consumption and loss of energy. Though increasing the energy
production will meet the demand but it will lead to increased strain on natural resources and
hence the environment. The better way to tackle the problem lies in the reduction of core
losses that is related to the generation and transformation of electricity.
All transformation from generator to electric socket and finally computer screen or hair dryer
is achieved by a simple device consisting of copper winding around a core of a soft-magnetic
material, usually iron or an electric steel, and losses comes from the resistance in the copper
and from the magnetization of the core material. Iron based soft magnetic composites are
often termed ferromagnetic composite iron (abbreviated as FCI) or soft magnetic composites
(abbreviated as SMC), increasingly used for soft magnetic applications. Efforts to improve the
performance of electrical devices and to create the new high quality applications lead to the
optimization of their design and application of existing magnetic materials such as soft
magnetic composites (SMC). These materials are manufactured from iron and iron-based
powder particles pressed together with a dielectric binder using the powder metallurgy
compaction process. In low frequency applications (up to 50 kHz), high purity coarse iron
powder is used with a thermoset resin powder to compete with low carbon steel laminate
constructions. These applications will include small motors, reluctance motors and brushless
dc motors; which also...


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