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Scin 136 Midterm Exam

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SCIN 136 Midterm Exam All Possible Questions


Question 1

Early voyagers used a variety of observations to help guide them including:

A.their sense of smell

B.cloud formations

C.the appearance of more birds

D.the direction of waves

E.all of the above

Question 2

The scientific theory about the formation of the oceans is that they first formed from (the original source of the water):

A.magma displacements. B.comet impacts C.degassing of the early Earth D.all of the above

E.both b and c

Question 3

Besides the Navy the primary organizations who carry out "classified" A.the U.N.

B.Green Peace

C.Sierra Club D.oil companies. E.Boeing

F.the banking industry

Question 4
One use today of the Navy's SOSUS System is to monitor________ to prevent loss of life.
A.dumping of waste in the oceans
1 of 20 B.tsunamis
C.fish populations
D.oil drilling
E.tidal cycles

SCIN-136 Mid-Term Exam


C.fish populations

D.oil drilling

E.tidal cycles

F.surfing championships

Question 5
The two types of technology that are mostly used to monitor deep-water oil drilling and to locate and recover
deep shipwrecks are:
A.AUV's and compasses
B.ROV's and Side-scan sonar
C.GPS and radar
D.Chronometers and sextants
E.B.P. stock price forecasts and FEMA bureaucrats.

Question 6
The reason that ancient sailors had trouble calculating their LONGITUDE is that they did not have reliable
E.all of the above
Feedback: Remember the Forum 1-B questions about John Harrison.
Question 7
Our Sun is but one of billions of stars in the ________ galaxy.
B.Milky Way
C.Almond Joy
E.Ursa Major

Question 8

Earth is approximately how old? A.2500 years

B.120 million years

2 of 20 C.4.6...


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