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Ist 639

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Enterprise System Interfaces
Enterprise systems generally have a number of utilities that can be used in a production environment and in development. These utilities relieve the development staff of continually writing programs to do tasks that are often repeated.
In this Lab you will learn to use IEBGENER to copy a sequential file. This can be used in a production environment to easily make copies of files. It can often be found in production jobs as it runs multiple times during a batch cycle.


  * Sequential zOS file,   80 bytes p=3.4
  * er record
  * DISP=SHR   -   means all can use as for input


  * Create a JCL member in your JCL Library for LAB2.
  * Ensure you have a JOBCARD in your JCL member (your name and RACF-id is in the JOBCARD.
  * Create a line of JCL for the execution of the copy utility (IEBGENER)
  * See section 6.14.5 of the zOS basics manual and add the appropriate JCL lines to satisfy IEBGENER.
  * Have your JCL checked by your Lab partner(s).
  * Run your JCL and check the output.
  * If there is an error (JCL?), debug the JCL until you get a successful run.
  * Answer the questions at the end of this Lab and place the answers in Blackboard.
  * Take a screen shot of your output file and place it in Blackboard.


//SYSUT2   DD DSN=SUS00nn.IST639.LAB2.OUTPUT,          
//             DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE),                
//             DCB=(BLKSIZE=0,LRECL=80,RECFM=FB),    
//             SPACE=(CYL,(1,1),RLSE),                  
//             UNIT=SYSDA                              

Name: Kshitij Chug

Answer the following questions:

  1. a. Describe TSO and ISPF?
b. What are the advantages of ISPF over TSO?
a. Time Sharing Option/Extensions (TSO/E) allows users to create an interactive session with the z/OSĀ® system. TSO provides a single-user logon capability and a basic command prompt interface to z/OS. In a z/OS system, each user is...


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