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Ops 571 Complete Week 4

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OPS 571 Week 4 DQ 1
Why would subcontractors for a government project want their activities on the critical path? Under what conditions would they try to avoid being on the critical path?

OPS 571 Week 4 DQ 2
What was the most complex project that you have been involved in? Give examples of the following as they pertain to the project: the work breakdown structure, tasks, subtasks, and work package. Were you on the critical path? Did it have a good project manager?

OPS 571 Week 4 DQ 3
Watch the "Project Management" video in the Supply Chain Management Video Lecture Series.

OPS 571 Week 4 Learning Team Supply Chain Design Paper
Review the Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization.
Write a paper of no more than 1,400-words that includes the following:
• Determine Riordan's manufacturing strategy (chase, level, or combination) and explain its benefits
• Create a process flow diagram for the electric fan supply chain
• Select two metrics to evaluate performance of the electric fan supply chain
• Describe the supplier relationship and the effects on the supply chain.   As part of this consider the following:
o Type of relationship
o Supplier location, size of company, and financial stability
o Metrics used to measure supplier performance (on-time delivery, defects, etc)
o Supplier improvement strategies
• Describe how lean production principles may be used to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the electric fan supply chain process
• Select a business forecasting technique (qualitative or quantitative) for the electric fans and describe the forecasting process to be used at Riordan
• Create a sales forecast for electric fans using selected techniques
• Develop Aggregate Production Plan, Master Schedule, and Materials Requirement Plans for electric fans based off the sales...


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