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Soybean Oil Press Machine

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  1. 出油率高--正常出油率可高出2至3个百分点。
  2. 节能--同等产量降低电功率40%。
  3. 省工--同等产量可节约劳动力60%,1至2人便可组织生产。
  4. 用途广--一机多用,可榨花生、胡麻、芝麻、菜籽、油葵、棉籽、大豆等30多种油料作物。
7.构思新颖 机电一体
8.材质优良 工艺精密
9.榨膛合理 出油率高
10.四季皆宜 不受限制
Peanut oil has been the world's main cooking oil, however, the traditional mode is simple and crude, the peanut oil press operation is heavy, large area occupied , high energy consumption, low yield efficiency and peanut oil workshop sanitation is poor.
Henan huatai grain and oil machinery equipment co., LTD, design a new type of peanut oil press with advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
Its main features are:
1. High oil recovery - efficiency can be higher than 2 to 3%.
2. Energy saving electric power -   40% lower.
3. Saving of labor - the same production can save 60% labour, 1 to 2 people can organize production.
4. Widely used - multi-usage, can squeeze peanuts, sesame, sesame, rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, etc.
5.high Purerity oil - vacuum oil filter residue to ensure the pure oil, conform to the health and quarantine standards.
6. Covers an area of small, 10-20 square meters can satisfy the soybean oil use.

7. Good material Precision and manufacturing
Adopting high carbon steel, high hardness, strength, good abrasion resistance, to adapt to the continuous operation of high temperature and high pressure, improve the use life of oil press.
Henan huatai grain and oil machinery professional production and sales of peanut oil press, peanut oil equipment, welcome your arrival.


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