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Ba 578 Final Exam - Latest 2014

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BA   578 Final Exam   - Latest 2014

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v There are 4 parts:

Part A: True/ False (1-15)
Part B: Answer the following questions (16-21)
Part C: Select the correct answer for the following questions (22-60)
Part D: Work Problem (61-71) **All work must be shown step by step**
v Two different ways to submit your answer sheet
1. Scan your answer sheet and place it inONE FILEat drop-box. (preferable)
2. Use MS-Word and place it in a drop-box.

v **Excel is not acceptable for this test
v **Deadline:Monday, 4th of Augest 2014 by noon
v **All work must be shown step by step in order to receive credit

Online Final Exam

Part A: True or False (1-15)
____ ___ 1. The usual objective of regression analysis is to predict estimate the value of one variable when the value of another variable is known.

___ ____ 2. Correlation analysis is concerned with measuring the strength of the relationship between two variables.

___ ____ 3. In the least squares model, the explained sum of squares is always smaller than the regression sum of squares.

___ ___ 4. The sample correlation coefficient and the sample slope will always have the same sign.

___ ____ 5. An important relationship in regression analysis is = .

__ _____ 6. If zero is contained in the 95% confidence interval for b1, we may reject Ho: b1 = 0 at the 0.05 level of significance.

____ ___ 7. If in a regression analysis the explained sum of squares is 75 and the unexplained sum of square is 25, r2 = 0.33.

___ ____ 8. In general, the smaller the dispersion of observed points about a fitted regression line, the larger the value of the coefficient of determination.

____ ___ 9. When small values of Y tend to be paired with small values of X,...


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