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Blaw 201 Final Exam

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BLAW 201 Final Exam

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1. 1. Every workday at noon, Tom, Delilah, and Harry (TD&H) left their store, crossed the road, and walked through Rebecca’s meadow to sit and eat their lunches at the top of an embankment overlooking the railroad tracks. They made bets on how many cars long a train would be or how many types of cars there would be on a train. After a month, Rebecca had enough of their trespassing. On July 10, 2009, she promised to buy each of them a pair of binoculars, keep a path mowed in her meadow, and allow them to watch the trains from her meadow for the next year, if they agreed to change the oil in her car for free at their garage four times during the following year. They would be allowed to use her meadow once the first oil change was performed. TD&H agreed. Then Tom, Delilah, Harry, and Rebecca signed the contract, and on the morning of July 17, 2009, TD&H changed the oil in Rebecca’s car.

Four months after entering into the contract, TD&H decided to sell their business and retire. They sold the company and transferred all contracts to three ambitious Drexel graduates, Selma, Albert and Farid (SA&F). TD&H gave the binoculars to SA&F, since it would no longer be convenient for them to use Rebecca’s meadow to watch the trains. SA&F began inviting their friends to join them in the meadow to party on weekends. Rebecca was surprised to find new owners the next time she took her car to the garage for an oil change. However, she was furious when she discovered that SA&F and ten to twenty of their friends were using her meadow for weekly parties. Rebecca then erected a fence and sued TD&H for breach of contract, arguing that they had no right to allow SA&F to change her oil or use her meadow. SA&F then sued to force Rebecca to give them access to...


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