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Socity´S Child - My Autobigraphy

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A wise man once said faith can move mountains, but it can be difficult to move a mountain in headwind. Then you need more faith, faith in your principles, faith in yourself, faith even when it´s hard, faith in that you are not alone, because when you have faith, you win. No matter how big resistance you have. Janis Ian had faith though her young age and the opposition she got, she managed to stand up for civil rights and give her opninon about the relation between black and white people in a time, where racism were a big deal. She only accomplished a concert I the 1960s, because she stood fixed on her principles. Many of the spectators had turned up, just to boo her down from the stage, when she began to sing “Society child”, which is about an interracial love affair. In the extract from Janis Ian´s Society´s Child - My Autobiography, we hear about her fight against the troublemakers, and how the world has received her song, where she is telling her opinion. The writer has drawn a lot of literary devises, flashbacks and repatriation in the text, to improve the readers experience and to understand Janis Ian’s situation.
The text takes place in Encino, California at a concert, where the main character, Janis Ian sings her song “Society’s child” on stage. During the concert the spectators starts screaming nigger lover at her. Ian’s style of writing give us an impression of the way she thinks. Through the whole story, the main scene is the concert, where she runs of the stage and down to the restroom, where she stars crying and talks to the concert promoter. There are several flashbacks or moments in the text, where she let go of her mind and expresses her opinions, for example, where she says: “I can’t go back there. I can’t. What if somebody takes a shot at me?” (P.2 L.145-147) in this quote, we realise the size of her fear. She also tells us about the hate mails she receives and the effect the song has to her colleague. These situations does so that the readers...


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