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Daizha Thompson
September 21, 2015
Ms. Gasper
Observation and Experiment
This lab showed how to figure out how observations lead to experiments, using the scientific method, the safety lab and the common laboratory equipment. The scientific method helps scientist ensure that the theories they test are true by testing a hypothesis. The safety lab reinsured how to prevent accidents or injuries, and how to use common laboratory equipment the right way. The purpose of this lab was to inform students the basics of a scientific lab and how to use the skills they learned in a lab.
  * 4 Zip lock plastic bags
  * Calcium Chloride (Road Salt)
  * Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
  * 2.5ml Bromothymol Blue
  * Water
  * Graduated Cylinder
  * 2 Pipets
  * Googles
  * Apron
  1) Put on your googles and apron before entering the lab
  2) Measure out ½ of   calcium chloride and   ¼ of sodium bicarbonate
  3) In one of the zip lock plastic bags place the substances in separate locations in the bag by laying it on the table.
  4) Measure out 2.5ml of bromothymol blue using one of the pipets and the graduated cylinder.
  5) Then, pour the liquid into the bag and mix the contents thoroughly
  6) When contents are mixed observer closely by sight and touch and record your data in a data table.
  7) After your data is recorded, carry out series of controlled experiments with combinations of the substances.
  8) Use the same quantities of chemicals as were used in the procedures 1-3.
  9) Make sure you use the other three zip lock plastic bags so carry out your experiments.
  10) If water is tested in your experiment use the same amount of water as of bromothymol blue.
Results (Data):
Initial Observations
What are the properties of the individual substances?
Chemical | Observations |
Calcium Chloride | Looks like little pebbles |
Sodium Bicarbonate | Looks like some type of powder |...


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