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Difference Between Palm Oil and Coconut Oil Processing

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1.Coconut oil: as the palm plants coconut endosperm, after crushing baking steamed to extract the oil.

2.Palm oil is extracted from the palm fruitl, and nut extract oil called palm kernel oil, this   two kinds of oil composition is different.

Coconut oil has a natural fragrance, modern science appraisal that has the effect of anti-cancer, improve immunity .
Industrial use of coconut oil
Coconut oil is essential oil raw materials of soap, it is also the raw material of natural fatty acids, fatty alcohols and surfactant.

Coconut oil is slightly irritationg for skin and hair ,so cannot be directly applied to the ointment or cream cosmetics, but it is very important in the cosmetics industry of indirect materials.

Palm oil industrial applications
Industrial use of refined palm oil, the requirement is not lower than the melting point of 44 ℃.
In recent years, the palm oil industry uses got rapid development, in the developed countries, a lot of palm oil have been applied in the industrial field.
In our country, industrial palm oil is called"industrial monosodium glutamate", it is applied widely.
Moreover, with rising crude oil prices in recent years, biological fuel is getting more and more attention, palm oil can also be used to produce biofuels, it may become a new growth point of the future consumption.
Palm oil industrial applications mainly divided into two kinds: one kind can directly get the palm oil, such as soap, palm oil and epoxy polyol, polyurethane and polyacrylate products;
Another kind is oil chemical products, such as fatty acid, ester, fatty alcohols, nitrogen compounds and glycerin, on the basis of these products, can be controlled by different chemical methods produce all kinds of derivatives.


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