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Hrm 590 Final Exam Answers

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HRM 590 Final Exam Answers

HRM 590 Final Exam Answers

1. (TCO A) Many people still believe that companies care little about human resource management compared to other revenue-generating departments. Explain why companies have this perception. Describe how you would convince the company’s leadership of the value of HRM.

2. (TCO B) If an employer asked you to review an employment decision to determine whether discrimination had occurred, identify the factors you would consider in that decision and describe how you would evaluate them.

3. (TCO C) Many believe that good pay and good management result in union avoidance. Describe the policies and practices companies should develop to avoid unionizing. Explain how these practices might be less costly than unionized labor.

4. (TCO D) In developing human resource strategies, businesses face several important challenges. Identify and describe four of these challenges. Link these challenges back to the HRM department’s strategy plan.

5. (TCO G) From a general human resource standpoint, describe what you would include in a benefits strategy. Describe the value of a benefits strategy for employees and the business.

6. (TCO H) Explain how human resource technology can improve efficiency and effectiveness of HRM functions. How, specifically, can technology support the business? Provide an example.

7. (TCO F) Evaluate the importance of measuring training effectiveness on performance and in terms of return on investment (ROI). Share an example of how you would measure training effectiveness.

8. (TCO G) Employee recognition programs can enhance employee performance by showing that the business is willing to reward them for their efforts. Describe how team-based recognition programs have driven improved individual results. Explain the value it has brought to the business and the employees.

9. (TCO H) Discuss two major trends in human...


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