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Shining Moonight

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Shining moonlight
1401 梁淑娴 20140901999
“ Shining shining moonlight, pouring into my courtyard... ” When I walked downstairs, I heard two little girls singing this old Cantonese children’s song and
humming this familiar melody. Then I couldn’t help but smile to bloom as this song always brings back memories of a funny Mid-autumn festival with my friend.
Nine years ago, two little girls with two lanterns, sang the same children’s song in the same corridor.
“ Shining shining moonlight, pouring into my courtyard... ”
Those two little girls were my friend called Ling and I. We were both ten years old at that time .This story happened at the Mid-autumn festival evening and I clearly remember the moon at that time seemed to be hanging above the treetop, bright and calm moonshine suffusing the whole world. Ling and I blithely wandered by the moonlight with lanterns in our right hands, liked two jumping rabbit in high spirits. But honestly speaking, our neighborhoods were too small for two energetic and exciting girls. So after that we couldn’t explore new unknown areas anymore, we two bored girls decided to went back to my home to take a short rest.
When we were going upstairs, the corridor lights suddenly dark. “Ah!” Ling screamed out and scared me due to my lantern left my hand, falling down to the floor, and went off. “Bang!” In such a silent corridor, no matter how tiny sound seemed like something heavy stroke our hearts.
“What can we do!”Ling asked me.
“First we should turn on the corridor light. Then go to my home.”
“Let’s turn on the light. It’s too dark!”
As two little girl, naturally we were frighten. But later I realized that Ling’s lantern was shimmering and glimmering softly. The gentle light made me calm down. I began to search around. When I looked up,I found a yellow bright circle on the ceiling!
“Hey! Ling! Look up! The ceiling is glittering!”
“What? Wow, it’s so beautiful!”
This round bright circle just liked a small moon appearing before our eyes in...


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