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Cultural Dimension

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In the chapter “The Cultural Dimension of Globalization” Steger talks about that globalization created a development in social interdependencies and interconnections. Today, social transmissions happen considerably more than past. New innovations, for example, web have encouraged the flow of predominant frameworks of which means, thoughts, and pictures. Today, social practices are not situated in an altered town or country. This section will concentrate on some essential topics. Above all else, Global society: similarity or distinction: Pessimistic hyperglobalizers contended that globalization served to emerge of homogenized mainstream culture which is for the most part in light of a western society industry. They trust that the differences of existing societies is reducing. They say that social globalization is best examined as social colonialism which is basically moving towards "Americanization" of the world. Albeit a few nations attempt to oppose it, we can see the indications of similarity all over around the globe. Idealistic hyperglobalizers concur with the ascent of similarity as consequence of social globalization, yet they think it will be a decent result. Some of them likewise believe that Americanization of the world prompts development of vote based system and free markets. Then again, there are a few researchers who did not have faith in ascent of equality or contrast. For example Roland Robertson discusses social hybridity as an aftereffect of glocalization in which there is a cooperation in the middle of worldwide and neighborhood social attributes. As an aftereffect of social globalization, there is less steady feeling of personality among individuals around the globe.
Besides, Steger investigates the media's part and correspondence advancements during the time spent social globalization and the urgent part of TNCs in dispersing pop culture   which can affect journalistic integrity.Today, media is a goliath...


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