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Ics 215 Midterm Exam Solution

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ICS 215 Midterm Exam Solution

ICS 215 Midterm Exam Solution

1. Questions from Quiz Shows (4 pts)
a. Why is it easier to glue components together in a typeless language?

b. In Perl, what is the simplest way to read all lines from STDIN?

c. In Perl, write a search program fragment to find immediately repeated words such as "the

d. In Perl, what is the easiest way to delete all .tmp files in the current directory?

e. What is the correct HTML for making a text input field?

f. In JavaScript, what is the scope of a variable?

g. In JavaScript, how would you run the function checkSSN() which requires the text value of
the text type input whenever the user changes the value of the input?

h. How would you define a method of ComplexNum called magnitude that returns the square
root of the sum of the squares of the real and imaginary parts?
function ComplexNum (real, imaginary) {
this.realPart = real;
this.imagPart = imaginary;

2. HTML (2 pts)
Write an HTML page with title, "Comments", a form, a text type input for login name, two boxes to choose between Male and Female (should not be able to check both), and a text area
4   rows by 50 cols for comments.

3. JavaScript (3 pts)
Write a JavaScript function that takes the name of a cookie and returns the value of that
cookie (you can assume the cookie exists and has a value).  

4. Perl scripting (3 pts)
Write a Perl subroutine called print_less_than_10x that takes an arbitrary number of integer arguments that are in increasing numeric order.   The subroutine prints each argument followed by a comma and a space (except after the last one printed) if the argument is less than 10 times the...


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