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Difference Between Press Soybean Oil and Extraction Soybean Oil

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The difference between the press oil and extraction oil
Different processing technology
Pressure oil processing technology is "physical squeezing method", and the processing technology of the leaching oil is "chemical leaching method.
Physical squeezing require classification select raw materials, after removing the impurities , stone ,crushing , steaming and frying, extrusion, let the oil separated from the oil materials, add Fried seed squeezing process, after vats system machine, made of natural filtration purification technology and high-tech.
Keep the original soybean original flavor, mellow fragrance, rich in vitamin E, long shelf life, and without any additives, contains no solvent residual and soap content, a modern technology combined with traditional craft production of pure natural green food.
Leaching soybean oil by organic solvent extraction method, mix "six light gasoline" with the oil (commonly known as "6 # solvent oil") after the combination of the organic solvent for extraction, therefore, it is normally toxic to the human body , only after scouring to very strict standards it is safe to eat, otherwise, it is easy to produce harmful effects to the human body; But, in the high temperature scouring will inevitably make some vitamin nutrients loss.
In our country, except for part of soybean oil is produced by squeezing technology, due to high yield of the leaching method, most of the corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, etc using the "six light gasoline" leaching method processing and manufacturing.

Nutrition is different
The squeeze soybean oil complete with color, aroma, taste, retaining the characteristics of various nutrients.Leaching oil is colorless, odorless, after processing the most nutrients are destroyed.
By the national bureau is responsible for drafting the edible oil standard has been implemented, to cancel the currently used in China for 1986 years, 1988 years old standards, set by the new standards: crushing soybean oil ,extraction...


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