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Inherent Evil in to Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Analysis
The age old argument of nature or nurture continues still today. what makes up the person is it nurture or nature? By nature the traits of evil are inherently imbed into their DNA, and that is not true. The fact is that the environment plays a larger role in the development of the personality. Which determines whether the person turns into a good or evil person. IN Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, she conveys the belief that humans are not inherently evil but rather influenced by factors in their environment.
Unlike a cat’s inherent nature to catch mice will never cease, mankind’s' evil will, thus it is not inherent evil. Mr. Underwood is just about as evil or morally wrong as one can be. Mr. Underwood is a very racist man he despises Negroes “wont have one near him” (Lee 16). Braxton Underwood would treat a fly with better respects than a “negro” in fact Mr. Underwood treated blacks as if they were not human; However one day Tom Robinson changes all of his evil ways. Tom Robinson was a black man who would always help anyone when he could, one day however when helping Mayella with house work Mayella’s father sees the two and makes up the false acquisition that Tom Robinson raped Mayella. The case of a black man supposedly raping a white woman gets attention from just about everyone in town. the day of the court hearing Mr. Underwood goes to to see the court trial just as everyone else did however through the midst of it all Mr. underwood opens his eyes and his perception changes completely. While he is viewing the case Mr. Underwood begins to realize that's Tom is innocent and he only tried to do good and help others like a songbird, however because of his color he will be tried as guilty and later murdered. Mr. Underwood changes his views on racism immensely, he is no longer racist after the trial. Later after tom gets sentenced to prison, he is shot and murdered while supposedly “running away.” when Mr. Underwood hears this...


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