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Emerging Trends in the Power Management Ic Market: Transparency Market Research

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The global power management IC market is currently expected to hit $49 billion by 2019. Top categories in this market include a categorization according to the type of product and the product’s applications.

Usage, Key Driving Factors and Restraints

Power management Integrated Chips find a wide range of uses across different sectors of the industry such as automotive, electronics, networking, and medical, to name a few.

The key driving factors for the power management IC market include advancements in technology and a rising requirement for battery-operated devices. Modern technology makes it possible to create a power management IC with an efficient usage of raw materials, reducing cost. Chips are becoming smaller due to the implementation of better technology, making the power management IC market an extremely suitable fit for growth through reduction in size and cost. With more and more consumers opting for battery-powered technology that stays operable for long hours on a single charge, the market might see a distinct boom in the near future.

Browse Full Global Power Management IC Market Research Report With Complete TOC @ http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/power-management-ics-market.html

Major Categories

A segmentation of the global power management IC market is possible through either product types or through application purposes.

By type, the market is categorized into:
Motor Control IC
Battery Management IC
Voltage regulators
Switch controllers, gate drivers, power factor correctors, etc.
By application, the market is segmented as:
Consumer electronics
Telecommunications and networking
Military electronics
Medical electronics
Areas of Growth

The largest growth is experienced by the automobile and transportation market. The sector was the largest in 2012, and is expected to maintain the leading position till a forecast period of 2019. Going with the market sectors of product...


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