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Yes - a History of Ecotechnology

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What I conceive from Eco-technology is that, it is a constantly evolving group of methods and materials from various techniques for generating energy and non-toxic, clean products. In the course of development, Eco-technology has brought a significant change in everyone's approach.
Energy supply has always been a cause of concern. Implementing small off-grid projects for local needs is a possibility that has me captivated. Minimizing the energy requirement through alternative methods, could create a huge positive impact.
The ecological footprint of automobile sector can be mitigated by improving the materials, design,etc. In lieu with my interest in automobiles, I have been a part of IITM's Formula Racing team,   to build a race-car as per FSAE guidelines.
I envision a future wherein I can develop new technologies and systems that could help people make right decisions regarding clean and healthy environment and at the same time satisfy their needs.

In the course of rapid development, eco-technology has brought in a significant change in the approach of any organization. In addition to carrying out consistent policies across operations, from product development to manufacturing, sales, A/S, various organizations have also began to respond more swiftly and pro actively to ever stricter environmental regulations.
Energy sector, being the most important one, requires constant innovation. Implementing small off-grid renewable energy systems to cater to local needs is a possibility that has me captivated (example-solar panel arrays, wind tree turbine etc.). If we could develop alternative methods which omits the energy requirement totally or reduce it to minimum, it could create a huge positive impact. I am currently working on a project which could minimize the energy required for the inspection of a defects in underground pipelines.
In automobile sector, problems such as congestion, environmental damage, energy requirements etc. can be mitigated by improving...


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