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Human Resource Mangement Mc

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Chapter 1 : Strategic Human Resource Management

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Choose the most correct from the following: c
      (a) the focus of human resource management (HRM) is on managing people within M
      the employer-employee relationship
      (b) HRM involves the productive utilisation of people in achieving the organisation’s objectives and the satisfaction of individual employee needs
      (c) both (a) and (b)
      (d) HRM is simply a set of activities relating to the coordination of an organisation’s human resources

2. HR managers have not been accepted as full strategic business partners because: b
      (a) they are concerned only with issues of employee welfare M
      (b) they often fail to understand the organisation’s business and align human resource strategies, policies and practices with business strategies
      (c) they are primarily concerned with developing people skills and pay little, if any, attention to the ‘bottom line’
      (d) they perform activities that are not considered to be essential to the success of the business

3. Many organisations have disbanded and distributed HRM functions throughout the c
  organisation due to all of the following except: Fac
  (a) funding cuts and financial losses
  (b) restructuring and takeovers
  (c) computerisation of personal records
  (d) lack of value-added

4. For HRM activities to ‘add value’ to an organisation they must: a
  (a) improve employee loyalty, responsibility and commitment H
  (b) be low cost but high return
  (c) focus on increasing profits through increasing productivity
  (d) respond to the demands of the shareholders

5. When pursuing a career in HRM there are three broad areas of focus and speciality. b
  Which of the following is not one of them. Fac
  (a) pragmatic generalists
  (b) employee welfare officers


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