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Art 100 Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts

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ART 100 Introduction to the Visual And Performing Arts

ART 100 Introduction to the Visual And Performing Arts

ART 100   Week 1 concept
Review Week One concepts by completing the following:
Choose one work of art such as a painting or a sculpture.
Following the example in “The Skill of Describing” describe the artwork, including its style, in a brief, written summary.
Describe your reaction to the work as whole; did it engage you or not? Why or why not?
Submit your summary.

ART 100   Week 1 Individual Assignment Experience the Art
Describe two or three personal experiences of the arts for your Week One assignment that includes the following:
Your definition of the arts
A description of what each experience communicated to you—how it made you feel or what it made you think of
Note. Your experiences of the arts may include attending concerts or plays, art in your home or a museum, a movie, or your own work as an artist or performer. If you are describing your own artwork, discuss how the process of creating or performing affected you and what you wished to communicate.
Submit your assignment in one of the following formats:
A 250- to 500-word paper
A 3- to 7-minute podcast or video

ART 100   Week 2 concept
Review Week Two concepts by completing the following:
Select your top three choices for the most important elements of composition, and then select which you think is the most important element.
Select one example of a work of art that visually demonstrates and supports your choice for the most important element of composition.
Summarize your selected artwork describing its elements of composition.
Submit your summary.

ART 100   Week 2 Individual Assignment How the Visual Arts Communicate (Option B)
This tutorial contains paper based on Option AMaya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans
We have another Paper based on Option BCompare and contrast...


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