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In the past, people usually wrote a letter to communicate with their friends or relatives who lived far away. Thanks to the advancement of technology, today’s people can use modern forms of communication, such as telephone, email, social networks, and so forth. This has totally changed the way people contact with each other.
The modern technology has deeply affected the relationship between people in some aspects. The most obvious change is that people can work, study and carry out other tasks without face-to-face contact in some cases. For instance, people can receive education through the Internet. In this case, people may not meet their teachers or classmates. A second change is that people can interact with others in the virtual world. They can post their photographs and diaries on some social networks such as Facebook and Twitter so that they can share their lives with others. Finally, modern means of communication can help people broaden their social circles. It is easy to make friends through the Internet (e.g., MSN).
I personally believe that progress in technology benefits people. Firstly, people can ask for help timely when encountering troubles. If they suffer a car accident, they can use their mobile phone to call police. In addition, modern means of interaction can positively contribute to understanding between people. This is because they can know friends better by looking the photos or reading the diaries that friends post on the websites.
In conclusion, the way people contact each other has been change dramatically. The new technology offers numerals ways of communication to people, which positively contributes to human relationship.


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