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Six Steps to Install Drilling Fluids Decanter Centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge http://www.kosun.us/solids-control-equipment/decanter-centrifuge.html is really one of the most useful machines, because it has found wide application in many industries. The commonest industries include oil well drilling, biological wastewater treatment, food processing, chemical slurry and other fields. It is used to extract particles from liquids.

KOSUN Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge http://www.kosun.us/solids-control-equipment/decanter-centrifuge.html efficiently removes undesirable solids from drilling mud in crude oil extraction. The decanting centrifuges are designed specifically to remove unwanted solids and fine particles from virtually all kinds of used drilling mud, including those based on water/synthetics and conventional oil-based drilling fluids.

Six Steps to Install Drilling Fluids Decanter Centrifuge:
1. Drilling solids decanter centrifuge ought to sit far from the inlet of mud pump for a full agitation in the mud.
2. Firm installation of drilling solids decanter centrifuge is important, so its 4 legs ought to be fixed on the surface of tanks with bearing bars.
3. Its installation also involves protruding the discharge groove from the tanks and connecting it with hydraulic supply line for a better performance of sand discharge.
4. Mud pump ought to stand behind desander http://www.kosun.us/solids-control-equipment/desander.html and desilter, and connect tightly with feed pipes and inlet pipes.
5. Join together the flushing feed pipes and perforated pipes on inlet pipes and the tank.
6. Plug in and switch on all the parts of drilling solids decanter centrifuges for the sake of repairing safety.

Much current centrifuge application with drilling fluids is not only unproductive, but is counterproductive. One example of misuse is the practice of running two centrifuges in parallel to "recover the barite" with the first and "discard the drilled solids" with the second. The first stage is traditional centrifuging,...


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