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Devry Nr 451 All Discussions Questions - Latest

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DeVry NR 451 All Discussions Questions - Latest

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Week 1

Assessing Need for Change (graded)
Think about a problem in your clinical practice. Are the satisfaction scores in your unit low? Does your unit have a higher than average infection rate? What is a problem you see in your clinical practice? What are some of the possible solutions? Why is it important to evaluate the need for change and not just stick with the “it’s the way we always have done it” mentality?
Class, you may begin posting in this TD on Sunday, May 3, 2015 for credit

Nurse's Role in EBP (graded)
Evidence based practice dates back to Florence Nightingale, yet it took a long time for nurses to conduct nursing research. Why is it important for nurses to have their own body of knowledge? Give a specific example of how bedside nurses contribute to nursing research?
Class, you may begin posting in this TD on Sunday, May 3, 2015 for credit

Week 2

Forming the PICO Question (graded)
Form a PICO question that you will use for your change project. Include each element of the PICO question. How did you develop this question? Why is it important to your clinical practice?

Appraisal of Evidence (graded)
When reviewing a journal article, how do you best determine its credibility and reliability? Why is it important to determine the strength of evidence and how does that affect your implementation of the results into clinical practice?

Week 3

Feasibility of your Capstone Project (graded)
Now that you have identified your capstone project. What is the cost involved to implement your project? Remember that cost isn’t always just money but also time and resources (both tangible and intangible). Will the initial cost pay off in the long run with improved...


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