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Devry Proj 592 Week 3 Quiz - Latest

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DeVry PROJ 592 Week 3 Quiz - Latest

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DeVry PROJ 592 Week 3 Quiz - Latest

Question 1. Question : (TCO B) Good project cost estimations are critical to a successful project. With that in mind, compare and contrast parametric and reserve analysis as cost estimation techniques. Please provide an example of each.

Question 2. Question : (TCO A) A company intends to establish a manufacturing facility by buying an existing factory from a company in the same industry. A state-of-the art manufacturing line with supporting utilities will be established in the refurbished factory.
Securing the building will involve negotiating the purchase and refurbishing and upgrading the building structure.
Utilities that have to be upgraded and new systems installed include an upgrade of the electrical system, installation of a new compressed air system, and an increase in the capacity of the plant wastewater treatment system.
Establishing the manufacturing line will require development of production equipment specifications, procurement, and installation of machines and materials handling systems. A systems test plan will be developed concurrently with preparation of the equipment specifications. To check out the manufacturing line, a systems test of the complete line will be performed by operating it to produce product. A separate project team is handling procurement and stocking of components and materials that will be needed for the systems test of the new line, as well as when it becomes fully operational.
Prepare a WBS listing for this project with activities corresponding to a two-level task and subtask hierarchy. Format the WBS listing with activity item indents and WBS codes (such as a numbering scheme) that will clearly identify the level of each...


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