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Devry Psyc 110 Final Exam – Latest

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DeVry PSYC 110 Final Exam – Latest

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1. (TCOs 1, 2) According to Freud, unconscious urges (Points : 5)
  are able to be suppressed.
  only pertain to sex.
  attempt to surface and affect our behaviors.
  have no impact on everyday life.

Question 2.2. (TCOs 1, 2) Julie finds that the number of hours she sleeps each night is related to the scores she receives on quizzes the next day. As her sleep approaches eight hours, her quiz scores improve; as her sleep drops to five hours, her quiz scores show a similar decline. Julie realizes that _____. (Points : 5)
  there is a negative correlation between the number of hours she sleeps and her quiz grades
  there is a positive correlation between the number of hours she sleeps and her quiz grades
  her low quiz scores are caused by sleep deprivation the night before a quiz
  she should sleep about 10 hours a night to ensure 100 percent quiz grades

Question 3.3. (TCOs 2, 3) Your teacher asks you to describe the sequence of parts of a neuron that the impulse travels during neural conduction. Which of the following sequences will you offer? (Points : 5)
  Dendrites, axon, soma, synaptic knob
  Terminal buttons, axon, soma, dendrites
  Axon, soma, dendrites, synaptic knob
  Dendrites, soma, axon, synaptic knob

Question 4.4. (TCOs 2, 3) Alice is typing her term paper in the computer lab. Although a class is going on just a few feet away, she does not seem to notice. Which part of the brain allows Alice to focus on her typing and ignore the distractions that surround her? (Points : 5)
  Reticular formation

Question 5.5. (TCO 4) Which of the following is the primary structure that allows one to maintain his or her balance? (Points : 5)


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