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Uk’s China Policies Since 2010

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Name 陈诗艺
Class SEIS1301
Date 2015-07-06
Academic Writing- 3nd Draft Essay
UK’s China Policies since 2010
Abstract: Since the Conservative Party and Liberal Democratic Party formed the Coalition Government in 2010, UK has adopted “distinctive” British Foreign policies, which attaches more importance to developing relations with China and held a positive attitude toward Chinese rise. Looking at UK’s stagnant financial situation, the changing international pattern, and UK’s persistence in humanity, this essay reveals that UK’s China policies tend to be more pragmatic and flexible: it gives priority to bilateral economic cooperation while engages with China’s politics in a milder way. Using new data and cases, this paper will try to illustrate the policies’ pragmatism and flexibility.
Key words: UK; China; Foreign policies; Coalition Government; Pragmatism; Flexibility.

Thesis statement
Through evaluating UK’s China-policies (mainly economic and political) under Coalition Government and exploring UK’s domestic finance, changing international situation and ideology, this essay illustrates that UK’s China-policies are marked by pragmatism and flexibility.
I Introduction and Literature Review
II UK’s China-policies
  A. Intensified Economic Cooperation between the Two Countries
  1. The High-level Visits
  2. The Investment and Trade Cooperation
  3. UK’s Application for AIIB
  B. The Interfering Political Disputes over Human Rights
  1. The Chaos on Ai Weiwei Incident
  2. Cameron’s Meeting With the Dalai Lama
  C. The Characteristics of UK’s China Policies
III Reasons for the New Policies
  A. Severe Domestic Economic Needs
  B. The Changing International Environment
  1. The Special Relationship with the US
  2. An Awkward Partner in EU
  3. The Closer Engagement with Emerging Powers
  C. The Durable Pursuits For Human Rights In Its Ideology
IV Conclusion

I. Introduction
The United Kingdom (UK), a country...


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