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Ltc 328 Entire Course Material

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LTC 328 Entire Course Material

LTC 328 Entire Course Material

Week One Discussion Question 1

Do you think older adults need protection?   Explain why. If so, from what do they need protection?

Week One Discussion Question 2

How does the Patients’ Bill of Rights affect individuals and facilities? What would happen if this bill was repealed?

LTC 328 Week 1 Individual Letter to the Editor

                                                            LTC 328 Week 2

LTC 328 Week Two Discussion Question 1

Select one major legislative act governing hiring and employment practices of older adults. What are its objectives and role in supporting aging adults?

LTC 328 Week Two Discussion Question 2

What positions do older adults hold in your current workplace? What assumptions are made about older adults in the workplace?

LTC 328 Week 2 Individual Rights and Documents Matrix

LTC 328 Week 2 Team Paragraphs on Public Entities

                                                                      LTC 328 Week 3

LTC 328 Week Three Discussion Question 1

What is the difference between licensure and certification? Which do you feel is more important? Explain why.

LTC 328 Week Three Discussion Question 2

Do you think private, nonprofit, or public entities offer the best services? Explain why.   What could the other entities do to make services better?

LTC 328 Week 3 Individual Case Study Complaints

LTC 328 Week 3 Team Paragraphs on types of abuse

                                                                  LTC 328 Week 4

LTC 328 Week Four Discussion Question 1

What type of abuse do you think is the most detrimental to aging adults? Explain why. What can be done to stop it?

LTC 328 Week Four Discussion Question 2

Provide one example of fraud perpetrated by or against the older population. What are the affects of that...


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