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High G-Force Vibration of Kosun Hi-G Dryer

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Dryer shaker http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/hi-g-dryer.html is popular used for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After Hi-G dryer, high speed solids control-centrifuge will be followed for further treating. After treated by decanting centrifuge, solids parts can be used for construction; liquid part can be further treatment by flocculent unit. Hi-G dryer is also can be used for oil based mud drilling waste treatment; vice versa, vertical cuttings dryer can also be used for water based mud drilling cuttings management. Based on this, KOSUN design it’s vertical centrifuge http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/vertical-centrifuge.html which can be used for both WBM and OBM drilling waste treatment.

The generation of fine solids are by far the largest concern within the industry. KOSUN HI-G Dryer http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/hi-g-dryer.html provides the most cost effective solution to handling these fines. This proven technology consists of a High G-force vibration intensity (adjustable as per working conditions),Weir type feed box is more applicable to on-site process;Fast drilling cuttings conveying speed and high handling capacity;Screen frame tilt angle can be adjusted from -1° to 5°;Rapid screen tensioning system ensures easy screen replacement.

KOSUN Hi-G Dryer http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/hi-g-dryer.html is used to recover the mud from drilling cuttings, so as to reduce the liquid/oil content in drilling cuttings to as low as about 10%(w/w) and recover part of the drilling mud, so that the drilling cost can be reduced and the drilling waste volume can be cut down, for the purpose of reducing environmental pollution.

During the traditional drilling process, waste pit is built at the drilling site for drilling waste management http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/. That is, drilling waste management system is discharged to the waste pit at ground level for next-stage treatment,...


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