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Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Cordell Perlote Sr.

Dr. Reeves


                                                                  August 18, 2015

Industrialization caused significant changes in many people’s lives.   First, the development of a new railroad system help settle the west and made it more accessible to people.   Second, public transit systems in big cities provided an outlet from congested cities.   Last, the discovery of a method for transmitting electricity help to light up our daily lives.   I feel that these are three of the most important changes in people’s lives caused by industrialization.
After the civil war, the United States becomes a much more industrialized society industrialization moved American life in many ways. However industrialization also created problems for American society. Growth of the US industry was reflected in various aspects such as raised living standards of Americans, introduction of new, cheaper and easily accessible consumer products and a shift from agriculture to industrialization. Growth of the industry was facilitated by a distinctive convergence of geographical, economic and social factors that made it possible for the nation to exploit its economies of scale (Olson, 2001). After the civil war the growth of the steel and iron industry that the U.S saw economy expand thus improving standard living. With regions transportation also boom which made it even easier to access by availability of improved railways networks and roads. The building of railroads out west played a huge part in the successful expansion of our country and the fulfillment of American dreams.   Prior to the development of a more efficient railroad system, the movement of people and freight were relatively slow, difficult, and costly According to Smith (2007), steam engines provided inexpensive movement of people and commodities. Railways and canals made it possible for factories to transport resources as well as increased peoples’...


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