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Soybean Protein Isolated Status Quo and Application

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The last two years, with the development of convenient food and fast food, soybean protein production line also shows the tendency of rapid expansion. Therefore, the market prospect of the soybean protein is extremely broad.

  1. the domestic present situation of soybean protein products

Organization form of soybean protein in soybean separation protein, soybean defatted soybean meal as raw material preparation of food, the defatted soybean, 70% protein, soybean meal, soybean separation protein is mixed with water, food additives, such as steam directly by crushing, mixing, heating and strengthened pretreatment, again by using the extrusion machine, extrusion, shear, forming, such as physical treatment, at the same time in the process of extrusion on alpha of sterilization, protein, starch, enzyme passivation chemical processing, such as melting, heat treatment, cooling, drying, heat treatment due to the separation protein, soybean globulin in defatted soybean meal into silk, fibrous protein, protein content over 50%, dried food, if water or recovery after water also can still have enough approximate meat bite head (bite, chew head).
Due to its good water imbibition and oily, in ground meat, or other meat products, to join the 25-50% of the protein, made dishes, have the taste of meat, so use it as a substitute for meat.
Added to the meat products, can increase the color, aroma and taste of meat products, increase the content of protein, promote particle integrity, additives, so also is the ideal meat can also be used for fast food in the food such as auxiliary raw material or added to the sausage.
Soybean protein contained natural antioxidants, after joining tissue protein in the meat products, can protect and reduce oxidative rancidity.
In addition, the tissue protein has a good structure, in production after hydration, uniform organization characteristics and specific organizational structure (flake, filamentous), after soaking, then add the appropriate...


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