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Describe the Actions to Be Taken in Response to Emergency Situations

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Describe the actions to be taken in response to emergency situations

In order for schools to be effective during emergency situations, they must have a comprehensive and thoroughly communicated plan of action. Teachers must be aware of what is expected of them for every instance whether it is fire, security incidents or missing pupil.

Calm the class asking the children to stand and collect register if its in the classroom.
Leave the classroom in an orderly manner via the external door and walk to the designated safe place.
If the fire is near your exit point or you are in an area other than class leave the building by your nearest safe exit.
When class has assembled on the yard staff will call the register.   This must be done in silence class standing all together.
Any missing children must be reported to the headteacher immediately
No one is to return to the building under any circumstances.
Each member of staff must hold their register up when all children are accounted for.

Security incidents
Any stranger seen hanging around school or in the school grounds should be reported without delay to the headteacher who will call police if necessary
Any stranger found in the building should be challenged by a senior member of staff
Should the person be committing an illegal act, no attempt should be made to detain or remove the intruder from the premises using force.The police must be contacted immediately.

Missing children or young people
If a child can not be found by their teacher/support worker/lunchtime supervisor, the headteacher must be notified immediately and told when and where the child was last seen.   Time is of the essence and prompt actions must be taken by all.
The remaining children will be left safe in the care of suitable staff.   All other staff available will conduct a thorough search of the child’s classroom, play area,toilets, the school building and the grounds.


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