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Effects of Socail Media

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Technology, for better or for worse?
The Internet and social media are bringing the world of communication that we know to a whole new level.   As this happens, the question I ask myself is whether or not this is something that is going to benefit us in the long run. The effects of the Internet and social media have been disruptive in many ways. Some effects have been positive while others have been negative. Some of the negative effects of these disruptive technologies hinder interpersonal communication skills and affect academic performance.
The Internet has made much of our lives easier.   We are now able to search for the best deals on an item we would like to purchase. Not only can we find the best deals, but also we are able to compare merchandise. There are ratings on the merchandise that will help us pick out which item is the best for us.   This all can be done without leaving the comfort of our homes.   This is great for a person who has a very hectic day and doesn’t have time to venture off to the mall or drive around from store to store trying to find the right product.
The information that can be found on the Internet is astonishing.   Almost anything that we are curious about can be researched and ultimately answered on the Internet.   Many sites like Wikipedia, dictionary.com, and many others have a wide variety of information.   Google is a search engine that is one step away from finding the exact website needed that is able to answer any specific question.
Long distance communication is one of the many great things the Internet has done.   Moving away from friends and family is not always the easiest thing to do.   Websites such as Skype are making that transition much easier.   Skype provides the ability to text, voice chat, or video chat with someone who could either be in the same town or thousands of miles away.   Being able to talk to someone who you are now rarely able to see in person helps a lot in keeping those relationships...


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