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Acc 560 Wk 7 Quiz 10

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ACC 560 WK 7 Quiz 10
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1. Budget reports comparing actual results with planned objectives should be prepared only once a year.

2. If actual results are different from planned results, the difference must always be investigated by management to achieve effective budgetary control.

3. Certain budget reports are prepared monthly, whereas others are prepared more frequently depending on the activities being monitored.

4. The master budget is not used in the budgetary control process.

5. A master budget is most useful in evaluating a manager's performance in controlling costs.

6. A static budget is one that is geared to one level of activity.

7. A static budget is changed only when actual activity is different from the level of activity expected.

8. A static budget is most useful for evaluating a manager's performance in controlling variable costs.

9. A flexible budget can be prepared for each of the types of budgets included in the master budget.

10. A flexible budget is a series of static budgets at different levels of activities.

11. Flexible budgeting relies on the assumption that unit variable costs will remain constant within the relevant range of activity.

12. Total budgeted fixed costs appearing on a flexible budget will be the same amount as total fixed costs on the master budget.

13. A flexible budget is prepared before the master budget.

14. The activity index used in preparing a flexible budget should not influence the variable costs that are being budgeted.

15. A formula used in developing a flexible budget is: Total budgeted cost = fixed cost + (total variable cost per unit × activity level).

16. Flexible budgets are widely used in production and service departments.

17. A flexible budget report will show both actual and budget cost based on the actual activity level achieved.

18. Management by...


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