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Article Review

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The role of the First Language in Child
Second Language Acquisition of Article

Article Review

  The article I reviewed entitled “The Role of the First Language in Child Second Language Acquisition of Articles” was written by Tatiana Zdorenko and Johanne Daradis, university of Alberta, published in Cascadilla Proceedings Project, edited by Alynoa Belikova et al. 483-490. This article attempted to examine the acquisition of articles in child L2 learners form different L1 backgrounds which was empty in recent research.
  The objective of the research as follow: (1) To determine whether the initial state in child L2 acquisition shows evidence for transfer of L1 with respect to articles. (2) To investigate whether child L2 learners from both the countries where existing articles or without articles in their language acquire English articles in the same sequence. (3) To compare the rate of article overuse in the two groups of child. The overall shape of this research paper was well organized; the descriptions and analyzing of the research questions were profound and comprehensive. Therefore, readers are able to detect the principle of organizing of the information presented in the report.

Literature review
  Most of the work on the acquisition of L2 English has focused on adult learners and no recent study examined the acquisition of articles in child L2 learners from different L1 backgrounds. Previous studies on first language acquisition of articles found that before the age of 4, children followed by a period where the overuse in contexts for a when they acquire articles. The explanation may lies in their immature discourse-pragmatic cognition.
  Early studies of English L2 learners found that they acquire the use of English articles in their initial interlanguage and were more accurate with definite articles than with indefinite. Leading to the conclusion that the English L2 acquisition sequence for articles is Ø > the>a (Huebner...


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