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Essays for English: Poetry &Amp; Poets

  1. Poems for the Eye
    Poems for the Eye Are Not Merely for the Sake of Eye <br /> <br /> What is poetry? Pressed for an answer, Robert Frost made a classic reply: “Poetry is the kind of thing poets write.” In all likelihood, Frost was not trying merely to...
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  2. Poems, Their Subject and Purpose
    Bertolt Brecht, Philip Larkin and Edna St. Vincent Millay in their poems \"Send Me A Leaf\", \"The Trees\" and \"Autumn Day Break\" respectively, all achieve different purposes through their poetry, whilst using the same subject matter. Bertolt...
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  3. Poetry Intertextual
    The anthology “Lines to Time” includes a wide range of poems written by a selection of poets. What makes “Line to Time” interesting and enjoyable to read is the variety of topic and treatment the poets use to make their...
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  4. Resurrection of Nature and Modernity in Merwin's Drunk in the Furnace
    Merwin comes forward to rescue human and humanity with his barrier breaking voice that has been hurled against the harsh walls of reality. He dives into the wreck of himself and the world and creates a new dimension where the resurrection of a...
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  5. Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken"
    Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is a symbolic poem of the complications people must face in the course of their lives. Although it is not difficult to understand the meaning of the poem through it’s title, it is however hard to...
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  6. Sylvia Path's Daddy
    After doing some research on the poet Sylvia Plath it soon became apparent that this poem “Daddy” is somewhat of a confessional life story. Throughout the poem Plath incorporates many different elements to reveal the theme of her negative...
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  7. Sylvia Plath
    Sylvia Plath: Consider how the poems dealing with Mother and Child convey a startling variety of <br /> responses <br /> <br /> <br /> Although each of the poems in question (You’re, Morning Song, By Candlelight, Nick and the <br...
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  8. Ted Hughes' 'the Jaguar'
    How effectively does Hughes convey the power of the jaguar? <br /> <br /> Ted Hughes’ poem ‘The Jaguar’ describes the animals in a zoo and their lifestyles. It also compares them to the jaguar, which is an animal that lives differently...
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  9. The Echoing Green
    The poem ‘The Echoing Green’ is written by William Blake. It is taken from SONGS OF INNOCENCE. It is divine voice of childhood unchallenged by the test and doubts of later years. Blake expresses in simple and lovely diction the happiness...
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  10. The Flea
    Donne's poem “The Flea” appears to be a love poem, a dedication from a male suitor to his lady of honor, who repudiates to yield to his lustful desires. In this poem, the speaker tries to seduce a young woman by comparing the consequences of...
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  11. The Hawk Essay
    Ted Hughes and Robbin Jeffers offer many similarities and differences in their poems about hawks. Although written using contrasting styles, the poems share numerous ideas and themes. These ideas include power against weakness, arrogance, and...
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  12. The Life of William Carlos Williams
    “Nothing whips my blood like verse.” These are the famous words of the great poet, William Carlos Williams. Williams was born on September 17, 1883 in Rutherford, New Jersey. He spent most of his life in Rutherford, so today he is a local hero...
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  13. The Struggle of Art in Kubla Khan
    Samuel Coleridge’s Kubla Khan, one of his most famous works, has suffered a notoriety that has cast it as an opium-driven fantasy, and more so, has been thought of as incomplete, a fragment of something greater. But the sheer depth of the poem...
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  14. The Tatyana-Caste
    '...Just as the storm clouds often slay <br /> The scarcely breathing new born day.' 1 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> One of the most popular of Tennyson's poems, The Lady of Shalott relates the tragic story of an extremely...
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  15. Theme of Beowulf
    The Anglo-Saxons were the members of the Germanic peoples who invaded England, and were there at <br /> the time of the Norman Conquest. They were people of their own time, language and culture. In the <br /> Anglo-Saxon adventure filled tale...
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  16. To Autumn by John Keates - Critical Analysis
    John Keats once said about Lord Byron “He describes what he sees - I describe what I imagine, mine is the hardest task” To Autumn is evidence of his way of thinking, as the poem is a vivid, lyrical portrayal of the English autumn, as he imagined...
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  17. To My Books
    \"To My Books\" <br /> <br /> by <br /> <br /> Caroline Norton <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> \"To My Books\", a sonnet by Caroline Norton, (1808-1877) describes books as...
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  18. Why Is Beowulf Considered a Hero?
    Many epics have been written and forgotten. Yet, the epic of Beowulf has stayed as one of the premiere examples of a heroic epic. This brings an inevitable question to mind. Why is Beowulf considered a hero? <br /> <br /> In the beginning of...
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  19. "Dulce Et Decorum Est" and "An Irish Airman Forsees His Death"
    Analysis of two war poems<br /> By Thomas McGregor 6E<br /> <br /> <br /> I am going to compare the two poems “Dulce et decorum est” by Wilfred Owen and “Channel Firing” by Thomas Hardy. The poem by Hardy talks about the great German...
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