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Nazis is not a thing of the past, it is still going on. It may not be as easy to notice or see, but it happens none the less. Germany was one of the most powerful countries in the world, knowing that it took advantage of it. Nazi Germany gathered allies and an army without the world worrying of a second world war.

Everyone believes that the Nazis were the lowest point of human morals: genocide, racism, war, destruction, rapeā€¦. This list could go on for ever. Of course as we all know the allies fought Germany and won; however it was the United States that gave the allies the final push to victory. The United States already a world power became a beacon of hope and represented all that the human race should be: honor, justice, dignity, fairness and pride. As for the Nazis all they thought they were doing was taking out the garbage, ridding the world of parasites and diseases that plagued their country. They were not committing any crimes; on the contrary they were heroes for what they were doing. After WWII the United Nation was created in hopes to stop another world conflict, whether it is war, genocide, abuse of other nations and what have you. However the United Nations has failed, for we the United States is at war with Iraq and setting it sights on Iran. Bush spoke at the UN in hopes of getting support for the war and when he was denied he proceeded anyways in spite of what the UN told Bush. Nazi Germany did something very similar, it marched its troops into the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia, and Czechoslovakia was party grateful to the Germans but not all. Iraq has the exact same situation except that the US did not annex Iraq. Another very scary similarity between Nazi Germany and The United States is the immigration problem. For the US is not Jews that are the problem is the Mexicans. About six months ago regular policeman have the power to ask for legality papers from people to make sure that they are not illegal immigrants. The Gestapo who were...


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