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Children of the Blood Diamond

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    The children of Africa discovered that the diamonds, that they fought and killed for, would lead to their deaths.


    As adults and children alike were taken, they became slaves to the diamond trade. Children were made solider’s and the diamonds they sought became   red with blood. But to understand the reason for this blood shed, we must understand where the diamonds come from and how they affected various people.


    While there are many countries in Africa that trade and smuggle, the most famous one is Sierra Leone. During the civil war in this particular country, illegal diamond mining from the Sierra Leones rebel slaves was almost a common occurrence. People were kidnaped off the streets in broad daylight, taken off to find diamonds, diamonds used to fund the war. Families were torn apart, arms and other weapons were brought because of it. The many diamonds found quickly gained the name of blood and conflict diamonds as the war progressed.


    And the children of Africa had it far worst than any adult. After being taken, their young and easily impressionable minds, being influenced by the non-existent mercies of their captors, made them greedy for the kill, for the anticipation of gathering for the next fight, the next battle. Soon that greed spiraled out of control and they became willing to snatch other children off the streets and scare them into submission, even though they had once been in the same position. These newly taken children would ensure that they would be able to fight, fight as much as they wanted to kill.


    Blood diamonds, conflict diamonds and diamond trafficking became a common thing in the child solider’s worlds. Blood was spilt and ran freely in the streets but these solider’s had no regrets. The civil war of Sierra Leone had nearly broken them, but maybe, just maybe through rehabilitation, time and tender loving care, these solider’s can...


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