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Brotherly Love and Everything He’s Not

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        In the Story, “Brotherly Love,” a young girl by the name of Jessica Vicuna is undecided on whether to confide in her old fashioned older brother, who technically raises her, or to just keep it all inside. As a result she begins to fail her classes and falls into a deep depression until her brother confronts her. After their talk, and though he treats her differently, he treats her like an adult and they become closer. Now her grades are much better and isn’t afraid to talk to her brother. Jessica is happier than can be and is was all because her big brother.

      “My Father: I Want To Be Everything He’s Not,” however is about a young man by the name of Troy Sean Welcome who when he was younger used to worship his father and wanted to be just like him. Though as he got older his father began paying less and less attention to him before he and his brother were no longer acknowledged after his wedding to another woman. About a couple years later Troy confronted his father and was proven right, that his father didn’t care for him or his brother in the least. Now when referring to his father he calls him his “Sperm Donar,” since the man had become nothing to him. Now a days Troy has to dig deep within him to any kind of emotion that has to do with his father but he doesn’t let that bother him, because he has moved on.

In these two stories Both of them managed to get on with their lives after a serious confrontation. For Jessica it took questioning from her older brother about her grades to break the dam that had been growing within her and boost their relationship to the next level. For Troy it took gathering his courage and asking his father the question that he needed to know the answer to, and that had been plaguing him for years, for him to be able to move on. In these two stories these people no longer have to deal with the uncertainties   that caused them so many problems in their lives before.


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