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Statistics and Probability

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In Statistics and probability, there are many elements in both that will help you to a desired answer, many different guidelines to help you organize and store information. In games involving gambling probability plays a big part in how much one gets for getting the correct possibility.

Starting with Statistics the basic hints for organizing data are three things, called Mean, Mode and Median. The Mean is the average of a certain set of numerical data. You find this average by adding all of the data together and then by dividing the number of data you received from the sum. The Median is the middle number of a set of data. You can find the median by lining all of the numbers up from least to greatest and then counting so that there is an even set of numbers on each side until you land on a number that rest in the middle of each side.

There are also two different types of graphs to give you more a visual idea of you data they are called bar and line graphs. Bar graphs are essentially graphs that uses bars on a scaled x and y axis. Line graph are basically the same except they using lines of course. These graphs are very useful because they are pretty easy to draw and plot, if you do it right anyway. You can also use a stem and leaf plot,. You make a stem and leaf plot by making a t-chart and putting the starting numbers on the left side and the similar ending ones on the right side.

Probability is when you have a number of possible outcomes. In casino games probability is used as the object of the game. There are three games regularly played by the names of, dice, heads or tails, and roulette. With dice and roulette since they have 36 and 38 probabilities respectively I can imagine that if the number or color is apart of a larger possibility that, that is most likely the reason some numbers get more money than others. With heads or tails it is much more simple because there are only two sides, the only problem is that...


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