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The Rewards of Homeschooling

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Education   starts at home. Although there are very competitive teachers out there giving the best of them to teach our children   ,no doubt about it , education goes hand on hand, so the role of the parents in a child education is very relevant .   I personally think and the   opposite would be arguably, that the best approach is to start working with them in an early stage, when they just start discovering colors, shapes, textures, etc. At a tender age they are already   open to the   learning experience , which is a novelty for them and in fact can be very pleasant if is approached in a proper, and gently   way. Parents are the best option to prepare the children at home, before they even start attending   regular school.

Learning early is the most important element in a child’s educational experience. It is never too early to start teaching them. It represents a great investment of time, love, patience and consistency that will pay off in the end. In the other hand a child can be taught easier   in the comfort of his home, allowing them to learn at their own pace guided by the loving concern of the parents. Going through this constructive experience will teach children how to follow rules and   direction, get use to homework and responsibilities   follow schedules, as well as build a better relationship between the child   and school elements.

Learning can be an exciting experience for a child, when his training star in an early stage, “at home’.

They will feel more confident and   will develop a great sense of self-esteem, if by   the time they   start at the school they already know how to read, and write in order to face the future challenges that lie ahead.

Learning early will develop skills that they can later help them to succeed in the school system. Once the have a base of knowledge it will be part of their learning experience. They will be better students, better persons and therefore   successful learners,...


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