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Computers -- the Craze

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Computers have made great progress since its invention in the late fifties.   Though Charles Babbage is known as the father of computers, scientists like Konrad Zuse, John Attanasoff and Clifford Berry have contributed towards miniaturizing computers which were initially as large as a room to pocket sized machines.  

Computers are man-made machines which manipulate input and data based on the instructions provided to it.   As they are capable of handling large and complex data in a very short time, they are well suited for mathematical calculations, word processing, presentations, graphical outputs and many more.  

A special mention must be made of Bill Gates, who realized his dream of bringing a computer to every home and school, through advancements in technology.   Today, almost every occupation uses computers.   Computers have found its way into Airline and Railway reservations, Schools and colleges, Banks, Medicine, research, aeronautics, accounting, cartoons and animated movies, video games, just to name a few.   ‘Virtual Reality’ is one of the latest advancement in computers, which is a way to simulate reality on a monitor.   In order to feel this so-called reality you have to wear special electronic glasses and an electronic suit. Fastened to the suit are sensors, which send information to the main computer. This computer works with the data and displays them on the electronic spectacles. This is a technique which uses three-dimensional views and is used in the field of medicine, aeronautics etc.  

As there are always two sides to a coin, computers have its negatives too!   The internet which is a means for sharing information globally is a tremendous boon to mankind, where information about anything and everything is at ‘finger’s reach’ in less than a few seconds.   However, the same platform can be misused by ‘hackers’ to bring about the downfall in our world’s economy.   These miscreants connect or hack into others’...


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