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Impostor of Prosperity

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Fake exhibitionism! At times of extreme deprivation. When basic amenities themselves fall short. Resources get depleted. Growth graph goes aflat. Economy undergoes recession. Developmental stride shows null and void presence. Existent infrastructure gets corroded. Policies go haywire. New pillars never get erected   and foundations never get implanted. Newer reforms show no pronunciation. Fresh voices get no hearing. Non-existent talents get acknowledged. Frivolous populi get fame. Values get obliterated. Insanity gets fine importance. Trivial issues get center-stage. Profanity gets freedom. Dignity gets relegation. Slapstick and voyeurism is in vogue. Philosophy is considered cynical. Simplicity   went aloof.   Reality is considered philosophy.

Is this the real portrayal of our India, or am I mere flattering with words? Sad but true! This is a land of diversities. Diversities to such an extent that they are laden into the grass roots of our civilization………….. Diversities wash out the core of our existence and we are trapped into a melancholy- An ailment which strikes our chord- wherein, we can not focus on what we are, but instead try to grab what we can’t! A mirage hits our nerves and compels us to touch a reverie which does not exist at all. And we run behind to catch hold of its glimpse like a lunatic dream-catcher. What do we get in return? Nothing but a fistful of sand that elopes from our grasp in fractions of time. Sounds cynical! But that’s our nature and we are bound by it, needless to say. We want to be led and tend to act as followers. Poverty is rooted in our hearts. Impoverishment that is not physical but mental. That’s our destiny!

Indians are what Indians do! Their acts are evident of their mentality. Instead of focusing on the fundamentals, they run behind the infinite. We are living in a small world which is comprised of countless heterogeneous compartments. All different in texture and magnitude. What is common is...


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